Group tuition vs one-to-one

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Why is the age of 8 so important to my child's academic development?

Light-Bulb-OnIs 8 the mag [...]

5 Ideas For Helping Your Child Develop Grammar School Study Habits

Grammar School Study Habits

All parents know that helping children with their homework is a difficult but essential task. However, how do we know we are helping in the best way po [...]

Grammar School Profile: King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls

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Grammar School Profile: King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys

CrestAbout the sc [...]

Grammar School Open Evening Questions For Current Students

Who knows the most about life at a grammar school? (Clue: It's the students)

When you go to a grammar school open evening, you'll watch a talk by the head and you'll probably talk to teache [...]

11+ Exam Preparation: 7 Last steps to success

Ideas and tips for your child's final 11+ exam preparation

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Simple things worth checking to improve attainment

Does increasing funding equal success?

When politicians look to improve attainment from students around the country, often it is considered in line with spending on improved facilities or i [...]

K&D Partnership

Smart 11+ Tuition - Solihull teams up with Knowle and Dorridge Cricket Club

At Smart 11+ Tuition, we care about more than just exam results. We are passionate about helping  [...]

What is non-verbal reasoning (NVR) and is it possible to improve my child's ability?

When researching the eleven plus (11+), you will find that the 11+ exam contains an area known as non-verbal reasoning (NVR).  NVR is the ability to 'understand and analyse visual information and so [...]

Can the CEM exam writers make an 11+ test that is 'untutorable'?

Grammar school tests have changed in nature over the past 15 years. They have increased in the weighting of certain areas, while other areas have decreased.  We have seen [...]

What are the best 11+ revision tips for the exam this summer?

Revision involves an amalgamation of the application of all one has learnt, alongside memorisation of specific facts.  Punch '11+ revision tips' in to google and you will see an abundance of advice a [...]

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