‘To do the 11+ or not to do the 11+, that is the question.’ That’s right, it’s Shakespeare Week!

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Here at Smart 11+ Tuition we love to celebrate those cultural events that remind us of our literary history. National Shakespeare Week is just one of these occasions.

This event was created by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust for people of all ages. It is an annual event that gives everyone the opportunity to have their first encounter with the Bard.

Why is Shakespeare important?

More so than anything Shakespeare’s works provide us an insight into history. We can deep dive into a thrilling culture of theatre, community and the beginnings of an education system. His works enable us to learn more about our culture and what it was truly like to live in 1500-1600 by just watching one of his plays!

From Romeo and Juliet to Macbeth, many of us have heard of Shakespeares classics!

But why is that? Shockingly, Shakespeare is a named author on the curriculum in about 65% of countries! That means his texts are studied by around half of the world’s schoolchildren every year.

He has also been hailed as the UK’s greatest cultural export, and the foremost reason why people are proud to be British. 

So, with all that in mind it is no wonder he is considered so important.


But how has he impacted literature today?

Well surprisingly, the English language itself owes a huge debt to Shakespeare. He invented over 1,700 of our common words by changing nouns into verbs, changing verbs into adjectives, connecting words never before used together, adding prefixes and suffixes, and devising words wholly original.

He also created some of our favourite expressions like ‘wild goose chase’ and ‘send you packing!’

Have a look at the fun poster below to see some of his more famous quotes that we still use today:


So, how should we celebrate Shakespeare week?

To start, check out the official Shakespeare Week page here.

You can get free resources, learn about events near you and start your journey with Shakespeare.

If you are local to Stratford Upon Avon, take your Mum to the Birthplace to celebrate Mother’s Day! Or even, pick up a copy of one of his plays today and have a good read.


It’s entirely your choice, it’s your brave new world.