5 Steps to 11+ Success

There are less than six months until the 11+ exam. It’s time to start focusing on the ways that you can help your child become an 11+ success story! We’ve come up with five steps to 11+ success for any parent.

Mother Helping her Daughter use a Laptop

1. Find Your Child’s Strong Areas and Weak Spots

Knowing the areas in which your child succeeds is equally as important as knowing the areas that they need to improve. There’s no point in focusing time on the areas in which your child is strong when you can be improving the weak spots. However, don’t ignore the strong points. They are really useful for boosting a child’s confidence when they’re struggling with problems and puzzles.

2. Start Practising Exam Techniques

Preparing your child for exams is one of the easiest ways to boost their mark. Not reading questions properly or not filling out the exam papers correctly is a very easy way to lose marks. The best way to avoid this is to practise, practise, practise! Make sure you’re practising timed exams, mindfulness techniques to master the nervous feelings and getting into good habits like going to the toilet before the exam and making sure that they’ve got all the things they need for the exam together.

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3. Begin Building Revision Into Daily Life

11+ success is built on preparation. If your child is struggling with synonyms, then set up queue sheets round the house with common words and their synonyms. If they need help with maths, there are daily maths puzzles available online. By building daily habits this early, when your child has to put in more effort as the exam moves closer, they’ll be ready for it!

4. Consider A Tutor

It’s not too late to get your child a tutor. You don’t have to go to an expensive one-to-one tutor. A centre like Smart 11+ Tuition can provide the learning that your child needs to be at their best for the 11+ exam. There’s also holiday learning clubs and mock exams that can really help polish your child’s techniques.

5. Have A Break

Don’t forget, your child needs to take regular breaks. Their brain needs time to work through the information they’re learning and they need to take the time to play and do other activities. Make sure to spend time with your child outside of the learning time.

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