Become Your Child’s 11+ Tutor

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How can you help your child with their 11+ preparation at home

When you are trying to prepare your child for the 11+ exam, it can be hard to know the best way you can support them in the home. Hiring an 11+ tutor or taking your child to an 11+ tuition centre is an option, however, helping them in the home is still really important.

Do something every day

This is a really important tip. Doing something every day is the best way to get your children into a routine. It will help create a healthy habit for daily learning. Starting with 10-15 minutes a day from Year 3, which can then be increased as the exam nears. It also helps reduce the chance of a child developing learning fatigue which could mean they don’t learn as effectively.

Concentrate on the basics

Working on a child’s vocabulary can be as easy as playing a couple of word games with them or asking them for a synonym during a conversation. You could also use the time when you’re out shopping in a supermarket to test them on their maths, using real-world examples to help them develop. Remember, maths in the 11+ exam is not as simple as division or multiplication. It is about extracting the maths problem from a sentence and then solving it. What better way to do this than to actually give them something physical to work with?

Find out what the exam focuses on

This one speaks for itself. The 11+ exam is made up of four areas; English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. To pass the exam it is really important to cover all the bases. That doesn’t mean you have to cover them all equally. If your child is good at maths but their English isn’t as good, make sure that you focus on bringing up their skill level in English whilst maintaining their ability at maths with quick exercises. If you are a parent of a child at Smart 11+ Tuition, you will have access to BOFA, our home learning tool, where your child will be able to work on all the topics.

Help your child become decisive

The 11+ exam is time-limited. This means that your child will need to work efficiently through the exam. They need to be able to keep an eye on the time so they do not spend too long on one area that may neglect another. However, almost more importantly, your child must be confident in their decision making. They need to trust their first instinct and move on through the questions.

Bribery has its place

Bribery is not a dirty word. It can be food based – a trip to their favourite restaurant – or even something like more digital screen time based on time spent on 11+ preparation. Remember, children are usually simple creatures. Reward and recognition are really important in their eyes. And don’t forget to reassure them that whatever the outcome of the exam, they will be a success.

Are you ready to be your child’s 11+ tutor?

We will obviously be here to support any children who come to us at Smart 11+ Tuition. However, we know you want to support them too. For more tips, keep an eye on our Facebook page.