Birmingham 11+ Results

The Birmingham 11+ results have been released earlier than expected this year. This gives parents more time to complete their Local Authority Preference Forms which is good news. Here’s our guide to what you need to do between now and 31st October.

Child Holding A Trophy

Halloween Deadline

Don’t be spooked by choosing your child’s school. There’s nothing scary about filling these forms out… OK, we’ll stop with these frightful puns! You’ll have got your child’s 11+ results by email from Birmingham Grammar Schools. If your child scored under 205 then unfortunately they haven’t reached the pass mark this year. You should not put any grammar schools in Birmingham on your form.

If your child has scored over 222 and you live in the catchment, your child will have priority. After these places have been allocated, if there are any spaces left they will be allocated as those children with scores from 205 to 221 or those out of catchment with any score above 205.

The preference form is issued by your local authority. You may receive one from your child’s current primary school but they will also be available on the local council website. The links to the websites for Birmingham and Solihull are at the bottom of this post.

Filling Out The Form

As the name of the form suggests, the schools you want your child to should be listed in order of your preference. If your child’s Birmingham 11+ results show a score of 205 or more, then you can list Birmingham grammar School on your form. You should also list your preferred comprehensive in case the grammar school you want your child to attend is oversubscribed and they do not meet the entry requirements.

Schools Allocation Day

On the 1st March, parents will be advised of the school or schools at which their child has been accepted. It is then up to you whether you decide to accept the school your child has been allocated. Then it is just the short wait until September to see your child start their secondary education!

Is your child taking the 11+ in 2020?

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Birmingham Admissions Website

Solihull Admissions Website