Birmingham Grammar School Allocations: 2020 Intake

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The information about the grammar school allocations for 2020 has been released. This information is particularly relevant to parents whose child or children sat the 11+ exam in September this year. However, those parents who are looking for their child to sit the 11+ exam in 2020 may also wish to take note as the entry requirements follow certain trends.

Qualifying Score

The qualifying score is set at 205 for pupil premium applicants and 220 for non-pupil premium. The administrators set these scores based on analysis of the admissions data from the past. They looked at test scores, candidate numbers and where the candidates live.

The information is based on each candidate’s home address when they registered to sit the 11+ exam and also those who indicated that they were eligible for pupil premium.

Application Deadline

Whilst most parents have probably completed their Local Authority preference form, the deadline is 31st October. Due to the verification process of candidates eligible to pupil premium, the numbers are given below may change.

On the Local Authority preference form, parents should list the schools in order of preference. Should a place not be offered at a Birmingham grammar school, this will not risk a child’s place at the next school on the list.

Published Admission Numbers

As with last year, there are a total of 900 places available. Each of the grammar schools in Birmingham is taking between 120 and 180 pupils. King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys and King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls are both considering offering additional forms of entry so the 2020 intake might increase. If any information comes to light on this then the information will be shared on the Smart 11+ Tuition Social Media.

Entrance Test

This year the number of pupils sitting the 11+ examination dropped by nearly 5%. In 2019, 5960 pupils sat the exam, compared with 5710 pupils this year. This could be because of the Birmingham grammar schools catchment area changes. The number of candidates achieving the QS has also dropped, but only by about 1%. Approximately 20% of applicants in both years advised that they were eligible for pupil premium, meaning that they could get in on the qualifying score, rather than the priority score.

Pupil Premium Applicants

At present, indications are that the number of pupil premium students could increase by nearly a quarter. This is however not taking into account the fact that approximately 20% of people who tick that they are eligible for pupil premium do so in error or are unable to provide the evidence needed to prove their status.

Non-Pupil Premium

The number of places at grammar schools in Birmingham has increased slightly from 717 to 727 for non-pupil premium applications. However, some of the schools have dropped due to an increase in the pupil premium applications. That being said, as above, if some of the pupil premium applications are unable to take up their place, these spaces may open back up to those who aren’t pupil premium.

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