Birmingham and Warwickshire 11 Plus Entry Test Update


Exam Date News

It appears that there are going to be two separate examinations on different days for Birmingham and Warwickshire. In years gone by they have always been on the same day, same time and the same paper. Consequently, it was easy for marks to be shared across both Local Authorities – allowing for pupils to take a single exam and be eligible for schools in Birmingham and Warwickshire. We are unsure if this is still the case now and it would be worthwhile seeking guidance directly from the central office at Birmingham Grammar Schools or Warwickshire CC if you were hoping to do this.


After much uncertainty, it appears that the 11+ exam for grammar schools in Birmingham is going ahead on Saturday 12th September. Although the government released guidance to suggest delaying the test, it appears that the Grammar Schools in Birmingham consortium are going to press on and administer the examination >>https://www.birminghamgrammarschools.org/content/admissions-timetable

One of the reasons the government suggested that this delay should take place was based on Pupil Premium children (children from an economically deprived background) and the fact that they had likely not received formal education between March and September, due to not affording tuition services, and the effect this could have on their scores. I would be very surprised if The Grammar Schools of Birmingham consortium decide to disregard this. I believe they may come up with an alternative solution for this problem such as lowering intake scores for PP children or indeed offering a later date to sit an exam for just those children.

Looking at this from a positive point of view, at least the pupils who are going into Year 6 and have done preparation at home are going to have the exam and get it out of the way early which will allow parents to make decisions on the secondary schools in good time.


The local authority has decided to delay the examination until November. The exact date has not been released yet. The issue with the later test date will come when parents have to go through the school choice process, possibly without the knowledge of what their child scored in the examination. I have heard they may have increased the number of school preferences for applicants to choose when applying for secondary school places. https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/11-testing-been-postponed-warwickshire-18782680

Thank you for reading and if you need any further help or guidance please let us know. Also here are some key links to the contact details:

Birmingham Grammar Schools Contact: https://www.birminghamgrammarschools.org/contactform.php

Warwickshire County Council: https://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/contactusschooladmissions