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Bishop Vesey's GS

Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School for Boys

Headteacher: Mr Dominic Robinson

Motto:  Dextra dei exaltavit me (The right hand of God hath lifted me up)

History: Founded in 1527, the school is one of the oldest in Britain. It is the second oldest school in the West Midlands after Wolverhampton Grammar School. It was founded by Bishop John Vesey, hence the name. During its long history, it has seen several significant changes in the educational establishment, but it is currently settled as the primary grammar school for boys from Sutton Coldfield and the north east of Birmingham.

Facilities: The school recently completed a new block. The STEM (standing for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) was completed in 2016 and provides an excellent base for those pupils wishing to have a career in the related industries.

Sport: During the autumn and winter terms, rugby and hockey are a focus for the school. In the summer the traditional sports like cricket and athletics take over. There is also an excellent rowing program. Most of the sports instil a sense of teamship which will carry many children in good stead as they progress into further academia and their respective careers.

Website: www.bvgs.co.uk

Twitter: @BVGS1527

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