NEWS: Smart 11+ Tuition Sponsors Leafield Athletic FC Under 9s

We are delighted to announce that we have sponsored Leafield Athletic FC Under 9s, a local football club in Solihull. This is part of our commitment to the enrichment of children across the West Midlands, both educationally and athletically.


Covid Update - November 2020

Dear Parents,

Following the government’s announcement yesterday I wanted to write to you and explain our current position. Many people will understandably be feeling anxious about COVID-19 and what might happen both in the short and lo


Filling out the Birmingham Local Authority Preference Form

As the results of the 11 plus in Birmingham have been announced, it’s time to fill out the Birmin


Birmingham Grammar School Entry Levels for 2021 Intake

Birmingham Grammar Schools have announced the score which will allow a child entry into schools. If you are try



Coronavirus: How We Are Keeping Your Family Safe

As we get closer to 3rd October and the reopening of


Last Minute Exam Preparation for the 11 Plus

Your child is sitting the 11 plus exam and you want to give your child the best last minute exam preparation. There are lots of things that can help make the day go as smoothly as possible, starting the evening before! Let’s take a dive into how best to prepare your child for the big day…


11+ Exam Preparation: 7 Last steps to success

Ideas and tips for your child’s final 11+ exam preparation

It’s a difficult time for those children wai


Children taking a test.

Helping Children Cope with Uncertainty

Uncertain Times

We all know as adults how difficult these uncertain times have be


Birmingham and Warwickshire 11 Plus Entry Test Update

Exam Date News

It appears that there are going to be two separate examinations on different days for Birmingham


Tuition Update - 25th July 2020

I hope you are well and enjoyed the first week of the summer holidays with your children. Please find below some key information based on the upcoming 11+ entrance tests and mock examinations available to support you. Thank you again for all your support – we all feel very grateful to have such an a


How to Get Traction When Learning Fractions...

Fractions from a really important part of the 11 plus exam. In schools across Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield, primary teachers work hard to improve children’s knowledge in this tricky area of maths. They are really important with lots of applications for careers that we dream of for our c


‘Doing enough’ – Why I really do not like that phrase!

In this exceedingly difficult time, it has been hard to know whether our children are ‘


Smart 11+ Tuition Reasoning Month is Complete!

Whether you’ve taken part on Facebook, sent us a video of your child doing a reasoning ac


Scrabble: The Fun Way to Succeed at the 11+ exam?

During Reasoning Month we have talked about activities that can help improve children’s reasoning skills. The fun way to succeed at the 11+ is to make the learning fun. Abstract puzzles like Rubik’s cubes, regular puzzles like sudokus or n


Tuition Update - 20th June 2020

Good morning,

I hope you are all well and are managing to enjoy the return of some normality.  I wanted to send a short email to share a few pieces of information with you:

Centre Reopening Update

Thank you all for your patience and support in this time.  I kn


Reasoning Month: Problem Solving for Primary Age Children

Reasoning is the idea of teaching children how to come to conclusions on their own, by using the elements of the problem to show that they understand how they have come to an answer. Problem solving for primary age children is really important if they are to pass the 11+ exam. A big part of the exam


Reasoning Month

We’ve decided to make June Reasoning Month. This is an essential 11+ skill, but what exactly is reasoning?

Reasoning: The action of thinking about something in a logical sensible way.

So now we’ve defined reasoning, we are going to t


May 2020 – Update on Smart 11+ Tuition in Harborne, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield

Hello everyone!
I thought I would update you on all the goings-on at Smart 11+ Tuition. I am so pleased with how hard our pupils are working. Their commitment to performing at their best in the 11+ exam, in the face of unprecedented disruption, is an ongoing source of inspiration.

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Breaking News: New Vocabulary Builder!

Image may 
 [...]</p><p class=Read Article

What is the Impact on Children Not Doing KS2 SATs?

It’s KS2 SATs week; Well it should be! As with a lot of life right now, everything is a bit upside down. Not only are children not in school but they are also missing some key milestones within their education. There is a lot of debate about what should happen to children who are going to have a gap


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