Breaking News: New Sutton Coldfield Centre!

It was so exciting yesterday morning welcoming our first students to the BRAND NEW Smart 11+ Tuition Sutton Coldfield!

John Willmott School

We are


Birmingham Grammar School Allocations: 2020

The information about the grammar school allocations for 2020 has been released. This information is particularly relevant to parents whose child or children sat the 11+ exam in September this year. However, those parents who are looking for their child to sit the 11+ exam in 2020 may also wish to t


Birmingham 11+ Results

The Birmingham 11+ results have been released earlier than expected this year. This gives parents more time to complete their Local Authority Preference Forms which is good news. Here’s our guide to what you need to do between now and 31st October.

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Birmingham Grammar School Entry Levels

Birmingham Grammar Schools have announced the score which will allow a child entry into schools.

When will


What happens after the 11+ exam?

If your child is sitting the 11+ exam this September, you’ll probably have spent all your time focusing on the 7th September. However you might be wondering what happens after the 11+ exam. Here’s our rundown of the next steps after the 11+ exam for your


End of Year Report 2019

So another Smart 11+ year is over. Our tutors have delivered their final sessions. All of our children are as ready as they’ll ever be for the big day on Saturday.


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4 Best Exam Effort Rewards

The 11+ exam is not far away so we thought we’d put together some suggestions for how best to reward your child for all the effort that they’ve put in preparing for and sitting the exam! Some children need a little external stimulus to perform in exams. Others may be satisfied with the knowledge tha


Ofsted Registration: Childcare Scheme Options

Smart 11+ Tuition recently completed registration for Ofsted. This allows us to offer more choice when it comes to payment using a childcare scheme and also gives you the peace of mind about the standard of education that your children will receive.

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School Holidays: A Time For Learning?

It’s a dilemma faced by many parents. You know that your child has holiday time to relax and unwind, but you also know that 6 weeks with no active learning, your child is likely to face challenges when they return to school in September. Dealing with this conundrum during school holidays has been so


Improvement in Year 6 SATs Results

Some very welcome news from the world of education today. The Year 6 SATs results have shown a 1% i


Are 11+ Mock Exams Important?

Many of you will already well into your 11+ exam preparation. However, you may be wondering, how important 11+ mock exams are to your child’s success in their 11+ journey. With about three months left until the 11+ exam in Birmingham, we look at the importance of giving your child rounded preparatio


SATs 2019: Last Minute Tips

KS2 SATs 2019 Start 13th May

We might be 11+ specialists, but we know the difference doing well in SATs does to a child’s c


What 11+ Exam Do Children In Birmingham and Warwickshire Take? CEM or GL?

When preparing your child for the 11+ exam it’s important to know exactly what they will face when they sit down in September. Fortunately, the schools of Birmingham and the surrounding areas all use the same assessment method: the CEM Exam.

Who are CEM?

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Learn Your Way Through Pancake Day

There are plenty of ways to learn through cooking and pancake day is a great place to try it. There are English, Maths and Science all covered in a delicious range of toppings! Whether you have lemon and sugar, Nutella or golden syrup, there are ways you can sneak in a little bit of learning.


Lessons To Learn From National Storytelling Week

National Storytelling Week

So as we come to the end of National Storytelling


How To Improve Your Child's Vocabulary

Learning how to improve your child’s vocabulary can be a challenge. Your child’s vocabul


How to be a SMART learning goal setter!

Goal Setting



5 Learning Apps for Children

How to make screen time productive

With the proliferation of digital


King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls - Grammar School Guide

King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls

Headteacher: Amy Whitall

Motto: Love of learning, pride in diversity, excellence for al


King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys - Grammar School Guide

King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys

Headteacher: Mr Simon Bird

Motto: Haec olim meminisse iuvabit (It will give us pleasur


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