Building up to that September 11+ Exam? Here’s everything you need to know to get prepared.

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It feels like time is flying. Creeping around that corner is the 11+ exam in September 2022. Here at Smart 11+ Tuition, the closer we get to the 11+ exam the more excited our staff become! We love this time of year as it gives your child the opportunity to well and truly show off.

Already our children have shown great growth in their studies and we relish the chance for them to demonstrate what they have learned and celebrate how far they have come.

Having said that, a lot of children interested in the 11+ exam in September have not yet had the chance to start practising for the exam. Well, we are here to tell you, it’s not too late.


When is the right time to start tuition in preparation for the 11+ exam?

Good question! Firstly, there is no right time.

If your child has only just started showing interest in taking part in the exam then support them with tuition sessions as soon as you can. Tuition will enable your child to become comfortable and familiar with 11+ style questions. It will provide them not only with academic support but with qualified, experienced tutors on hand to support their studies and answer their questions.


What if their extra curriculum activities stop them from regular tuition sessions?

This can happen, but please do not worry if this is your situation. All children should have a healthy balance of education, physical and social events throughout the week.

Ultimately, tuition should not be all-encompassing but added as part of a healthy balance.

At Smart 11+ Tuition we are well aware of the extra curriculum demands and have designed Booster Courses to supplement tuition sessions. The purpose of the courses is to build a further in-depth understanding of all areas of the 11+ exam. Our expert tutors will be on hand to provide additional tuition. They will cover subject knowledge revision for English, verbal reasoning, maths, and non-verbal reasoning.

Additionally, pupils working will be broken up into two parts.

In the morning, they will be working to build a foundation of knowledge. Secondly, they will utilise these skills during our 11+ practice sections in the afternoons. We have some fantastic practice papers which we use during these sessions. These provide incredible insight.  

We have been running these sessions for several years and they made an enormous difference to the pupils that came along.


Want more information about our Booster Courses?

Easter: Tuesday 19th April – Friday 22nd April 2022.                                      Summer: Tuesday 26th July – Friday 29th July 2022

Maple Building, Tudor Grange Academy Solihull, Dingle Lane, Solihull, B91 3PD.

Sessions are run for 7 hours each day.

They begin at 8.45am and run until 3.45pm each day.


These rates vary depending on the number of days you would like to attend. We are delighted to let you know that as an existing customer at Smart 11+, you will automatically receive a discount on any booking.

1 Option : 4 days – The 4-day option can either be for 1 whole course or it can be split 2 days per course (days must be Tuesday & Wednesday OR Thursday & Friday)

2 Option : 6 days – The 6-day option you can choose one whole course and then two days from another (days must be Tuesday & Wednesday OR Thursday & Friday)

3 Option : 8 days – All 4 days on each course


Option Standard Rate Existing Customer Rate Saving Price Per Hour
1 Option 

4 Days

£450 £325 -£125 £11.60
2 Option 

6 Days

£575 £425 -£150 £10.12
3 Option

8 Days

£700 £525 -£175 £9.37

If you would like to book your child onto a course, please let us know by Friday 25th March by contacting us here.


We have just 20 places so please do let us know either way as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.