Back to Basics: National Curriculum

The National Curriculum is taught to all children studying in a state or “maintained” school. This includes grammar schools but not private schools. They are likely to teach very similarly and the qualifications children take in their later school years are the same. However, they are free to teach their pupils any range of subjects. This […]

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Back to Basics: 11 Plus

The 11 plus (sometimes written as 11+) is an examination administered in many parts of England, including the West Midlands. It governs the admission into grammar schools and some other secondary schools which use selection based on academic ability. The name comes from the fact that the age for secondary school entry is the year following […]

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Back to Basics: Secondary School

A secondary school in the UK provides education to pupils between the ages of 11-18. It is the next step of compulsory education, following primary schooling. Most secondary schools are a separate institution from primary education, although there are some newer learning communities which children attend from 5-18. Types of Secondary School There are four main […]

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