Four Key Grammar School Facts

Grammar School Facts Grammar schools have been present in the UK since the 6th Century, although they were fairly different back then! It was 1944 when the modern era of grammar schools was heralded by the introduction of the Education Act. The Education Act brought about the tripartite system, where grammar schools were the pinnacle for […]

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Aspirations: how do you strike a balance between a child’s wellbeing and their SATs test scores?


Whilst all parents say “let kids be kids”, most harbour aspirations for their children. It’s at this time of year, many pupils are facing the reality of 11+, SATs, GCSEs or A-Levels. At the same time, many parents across the UK are facing a dilemma; How do you support a child’s emotional wellbeing, whilst also ensuring […]

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Why is the age of 8 so important to my child’s academic development?


Is 8 the magic number? Around the age of 8 children are experiencing one of the biggest changes in their academic development. Dr Michelle Anthony (PhD) an advisor, columnist, and feature writer for Scholastic’s Parent and Child Magazine says: “They move from being pre-schoolers into middle childhood, from a life dominated by fantasy to one […]

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