Tuition Update – 20th June 2020

Good morning, I hope you are all well and are managing to enjoy the return of some normality.  I wanted to send a short email to share a few pieces of information with you: Centre Reopening Update Thank you all for your patience and support in this time.  I know many children are itching to […]

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Reasoning Month

We’ve decided to make June Reasoning Month. This is an essential 11+ skill, but what exactly is reasoning? Reasoning: The action of thinking about something in a logical sensible way. So now we’ve defined reasoning, we are going to take a look at its applications for the 11+ exam and everyday life. 11+ Exam In the […]

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Breaking News: New Vocabulary Builder!

At Smart 11+ Tuition, we’re always looking for new ways to enhance the learning of our pupils. That’s why we’ve been working hard during the last few weeks to bring a great new digital package working on a key 11+ skill; Vocabulary! Why is Vocabulary Important for the 11+ Exam? There are four sections to […]

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Breaking News: New Sutton Coldfield Centre!

It was so exciting yesterday morning welcoming our first students to the BRAND NEW Smart 11+ Tuition Sutton Coldfield! John Willmott School We are based at John Willmott School which is a brilliant learning environment for our pupils to learn and grow in preparation for the 11+ exam. It is our belief that a traditional […]

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When I first joined Smart 11+, I was amazed at how eager the children were to learn. I think the relationship between the staff and pupils is what is special about Smart 11+. We all genuinely care about the pupils and we go above and beyond to help them in their learning. […]

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I am always amazed at how enthusiastic the children are to learn when they come to Smart 11+. As a qualified teacher, working in a mainstream school during the week, I find coming in and working here is such an incredibly positive contrast. Children at Smart 11+ love coming and that is shown through our […]

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I started working as a primary school teacher in 2004, specialising in teaching 7-11 year olds. I have been both a Class Teacher and a Senior Tutor at Smart 11+. Our focus is on delivering the curriculum with enthusiasm and dynamism, aiming to encourage and empower each child’s intrinsic desire for self improvement. I am […]

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