Christmas Jumper Week at Smart 11+ Tuition!

The Christmas jumper is a festive tradition that has been growing in popularity over these past few years. As a way to cosy up and stay warm in bitter weather, but also a way to feel part of festivities just a little bit early.

This coming week we will be celebrating Christmas here at Smart 11+ by dressing up in our best (or worst) Christmas Jumpers. As a tradition every year, we love to raise some money for charity by asking all our pupils to wear a Christmas Jumper to tuition and bring in a pound.

All the money raised will be donated to charity.


So, what counts as a Christmas Jumper?

Well, anything that symbolises Christmas. We have had red, green, blue, white, sparkly jumpers before in the past. The more bizarre and wonderful, the better.

Essentially, if it has a Christmas tree on it or a snowman, you are probably in the right area.

We have also asked all our tutors and management to dress up in their winter warmers so don’t worry we will all look festive together!

Make sure to also take photos coming to tuition in your jumpers and share them with us – we would love to see you all dressed up.


Why is wearing a Christmas jumper a tradition at Smart 11+?

Simply, because it is fun and we can raise money for charity in the process. We love the excitement we see from pupils in the lead up to Christmas and like to take this opportunity to revel in it with them.

So, pull on the jumper your Nan gave you last Christmas and join in! Don’t forget to bring your pound for charity as well.

We cannot wait to see what exciting jumpers you’ll wear.

Merry Christmas everyone from everyone here at Smart 11+ Tuition!