Coronavirus: How We Are Keeping Your Family Safe

How we are going to keep your family safe

As we get closer to 3rd October and the reopening of Smart 11+ Tuition Solihull, I wanted to let you know of the plans that are being put in place by me and my team to keep your family, your child and their tutors safe. I am going to ask you to read the following information thoroughly as we will be at a new venue with new rules on movement around the site. Please send any questions you have to my team using the learn@smart11plus.co.uk email address.


If you have fever, cough and or a change to taste of smell, do not come to the centre

You can contact us up to the time of their session to let us know they cannot attend and we will arrange their learning for them for that week. As a reminder, the main symptoms are as follows:

  • A high temperature
  • A new, continuous cough
  • A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

If your child or anyone in the household has any of the above symptoms, do not attend the centre. It is important for the safety of everyone attending and working at the centre that you follow these instructions. Failure to do so could have a big impact, not just medically but also financially to parents and carers. We will be doing everything we can to keep everyone safe and we ask that you also do the same.

Session Times

Before the pandemic, our sessions ran with a 10-minute break between them. To keep your family safe, we have lengthened the gap between sessions so we will have fewer parents in the drop-off and pick-up space, and also to allow us to thoroughly clean every part of our centre. This means that our first is going to start 10 minutes earlier and our last session will end 10 minutes later. The new session times are as follows:

  1. 8:50am – 10:10am
  2. 10:30am – 11:50am
  3. 12:10pm – 1:30pm

On a Tuesday our session times will be:

  1. 17:10pm – 18:30pm
  2. 18:50pm – 20:10pm

If the new times no longer suit your circumstances, please get in contact with my team and we will look to try and accommodate you in a different session.


When you arrive at Solihull Methodist Church, you will see cones set out to facilitate social distancing and help our tutors to safely bring pupils into the centre. Whilst we have been fortunate with the weather, for the most part, this summer, as we head into autumn this is likely to change. As part of our agreement with Solihull Methodist Church, we are unable to allow anyone into the building other than pupils and staff. That means that we will be unable to allow parents to wait for their pupils inside. We, therefore, ask that you are prepared for inclement weather by bringing appropriate clothing and umbrellas for the weather for you and your child. The space inside the building is limited so while we wait for the classes to arrive, your child will have to wait in line to be taken inside. When joining the queue, the child should do so from the rear and not walk between the lines of other pupils.

As all of our pupils are under 11, we are not going to ask that they wear face coverings. However, if a child wishes to wear a face covering, we will allow them to do so. We would also ask that where possible, your child uses the toilet before attending the centre. They will, of course, be allowed to use the toilet on site should the need arise.

During the Sessions

Quiet talking

All of our tutors have been provided with face masks and visors. While I appreciate there may be concerns about the ability of children to hear, given that our class sizes are very small, I am confident that they will be able to teach effectively whilst keeping your child safe. They will be keeping a distance of two meters at all times from pupils, except for an emergency such as a medical issue.

Whilst we are going above and beyond to keep our centre clear of coronavirus, as I’m sure you can appreciate, there may still be times when a pupil who has attended the centre tests positive as a result of external factors. Our pupils will be in bubbles and so while we are hoping that this won’t be the case, should we need to contact households to advise them of a positive test in their session, we will be able to do so quickly. If following a session your child tests positive for COVID-19, you must let us know at the earliest opportunity so that we can pass this message on to other parents. The pupils in that group will then be asked to work at home for the following two weeks. We will provide all resources and a prerecorded video which assist them in their studies. Pupils will still have full access to BOFA and Bedrock when learning at home.

After Sessions

At the end of each session, our individual groups will be dismissed from the fire exit at the end of the hall. As you enter the car park, this is immediately on your right-hand side. We ask that you do not park in this section of the car park to allow for a socially distanced space for parents to wait. Whilst we know that social distancing is a part of everyday life, we ask that you remember that you should remain 2m apart at all time when on-site and that you wear a face-covering whilst waiting for your child unless you have a reason not to do so.

Please leave the site as soon as possible, taking care to drive slowly around the car park as there may be children arriving for their sessions. If you require feedback, I ask that you send an email to learn@smart11plus.co.uk with the name of your child in the subject box. We may be able to provide limited feedback on the day but due to at least one of the tutors being on hand to clean the work area, you are going to get more comprehensive feedback by email.


Between sessions, our tutors will clean and sanitise all devices that a child has used, as well as desks and chairs. Our centre managers will be cleaning and wiping down any contact surfaces including door handles, toilets and stair rails. We will have windows open to allow adequate ventilation in all of the spaces within the building. This is proven to be useful in ensuring that the virus doesn’t settle on surfaces.

Thank You

Social distancing measures and new rules are beginning to feel more normal but that doesn’t change the fact that some parts of everyday life are more complicated. I want to say a big thank you to all of you who are returning to us. Your dedication to your child’s learning is a testament to you as a parent and the most important thing for me is to keep you, your family and my staff safe.

If you have any concerns or queries, you can contact me directly, either by phone or email.

Stay safe and see you soon,


Principal Tutor