What to expect at a Smart 11+ Open Day!

So you’re thinking of coming to one of our open days but you aren’t sure what to expect. Well let us fill you in…

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The first thing you can expect is a big warm welcome. Either Sam or Emily will be ready to chat with you and show you where we gather our pupils. You will get a chance to have a chat to any parents who are dropping children off and other parents who are viewing the centre for the first time. You’ll also get to see our pupils enthusiastically heading into their lessons, which is always a positive sight.

A Good Look Around

Emily or Sam will take you on a tour of our centre. Whether you’re at John Willmott or Solihull Sixth Form College, we’ll take you straight to the heart of the action, a classroom. We chose to be based in education facilities because we know that these spaces are designed for children’s education at their core. Unlike centres in shop fronts, children come to Smart 11+ Tuition centres understanding that they are there for learning.

Pupils Working

One thing you’ll see is that our pupils work hard, but have fun whilst they’re doing it. It’s really important for us to be different from regular schooling. Our pupils know they’re in to learn but also show that they are learning in different ways. A very valuable skill! You’ll also see how our tutors interact with the pupils. We’ll introduce you to a tutor so they can tell you what they are doing and so that you can get a feel for how they work with the pupils.

Free Assessment

Your child will sit a free assessment so that we can show you where they are strongest and where they might need a little more support. Your child doesn’t need to do anything in preparation for this test and it’s much better when they don’t. This gives us a much better idea of their true standard and their potential.

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