EXPLAINED: Your Child’s School Report

As teachers, we regularly get questions about children’s school reports. A host of jargon and information that looks nothing like the reports you got as a child makes for confusing reading. Fear not, we are here to help out!

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School Reports

Whilst we regularly progress check and feedback to parents, schools have a whole host more information to give back on a far wider variety of topics. They also see the pupils every weekday. This time of year is particularly anxious as it is pretty much the last time you will receive a benchmark from your child’s school before the 11+ exam. Since the old national curriculum levels were scrapped it has been harder for everyone, including teachers. Once the old levelling system was removed, it became much harder to see at which grade your child is working. These changes to the national curriculum have really had a big impact on school reports so let us explain further what everything means:

Key Phrases

For each year group, schools are given set targets by which they need to assess their pupils. These are called Age Related Expectations (ARE). Whilst each school will have different ways of assessing and a variety of vocabulary in their reports, they will usually use the same abbreviations within school reports which equate to the same result. These are:

  • GD, Exceeding or A: This means working at a greater depth than the standard for their ARE and achieving more than expected
  • WA, Secure/Meeting or B: This means working at the expected standard for their ARE and are performing at the level required
  • WT, Emerging/Beginning/Developing or C: This means working towards the standards expected which means that the child is not meeting their ARE

There may also be statements around the progressions of the child since September. Whether they have made better than expected progress, expected progress or below expected progress, this will provide an indicator of their performance in school and areas they may need a bit of extra support.


Need Some Support

Whether you have just had your year 5 child’s report and you think they need a bit more help to pass the 11+ exam, or you’ve received your year 4 child’s report and they are progressing really well, we have a tailor-made course just for them! Fill out the form below to find out more: