Filling out the Birmingham Local Authority Preference Form

grayscale photo of person using MacBookAs the results of the 11 plus in Birmingham have been announced, it’s time to fill out the Birmingham local authority preference form, or the form for your local authority if you don’t live in the Birmingham area. There are different forms if you live in different local authorities, but a lot of the information will be similar. Check your local council’s website for full details though.

We know that for some parents they will be waiting for the Warwickshire 11 plus exam, so this article won’t apply to you right now! However, we’ll keep ourselves across this topic over the coming weeks.

Before you apply

Before filling out your Birmingham local authority preference form, you’ll need to have researched the schools that you want your child to attend. Traditionally you would have attended open days, however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these haven’t been possible. Most schools have offered an alternative way for parents and children to view schools, either through enhanced prospectus’ or online open evenings.

If you are applying to a Birmingham grammar school, your child will need to have met the entry requirements for the school. This year the minimum score is 205. This doesn’t guarantee you a place, but it is the score at which you are able to list a grammar school on your form.

Filling Out The Form

The Birmingham local authority preference form is filled out online. You must ensure that you have read the admission requirements fully for the schools you are interested in. Looking at previous entry requirements will give you a good idea of how likely your child is to gain a place.

You can list up to 6 schools. We’d recommend that you fill all six boxes as if you list fewer, and you aren’t allocated any school on the form, you could risk having your child going to a school that you haven’t chosen. The form isĀ filled in order of preference from most favourable to least.

The deadline for applications is 11:59 pm on 31st October.

There is a guide put together by Birmingham City Council to assist in filling out this form which can be found here.

What Happens Next?

The forms are reviewed by the local authority. If you have listed a school outside of the local authority, they will contact the chosen local authority to advise them and they will take this in to account.

Offers are made on National Offer Day which is 1st March 2021.