Finding the best Birmingham Grammar School for you!

Finding the right Birmingham grammar school for your child can be a fun but daunting experience.

A lot of the parents who walk their brilliant and excited children through our centre doors, ask us the question: what is the right grammar school for us?

Where to start…

There is a huge variety of grammar schools in the Birmingham area. All of which have achieved an Outstanding in their Ofsted reports. They all have dedicated passionate teaching staff and a wide, varied curriculum.

Firstly, there are Kings Edward Grammar Schools which are the most well-known in the area. These consist of:

1. King Edward VI Aston School
2. King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys
3. King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls
4. King Edward VI Five Ways School
5. King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls
6. King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys

Secondly, there are a further two more Grammar Schools in the Birmingham area:

7. Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls

8. Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School for Boys

It is really important that before you apply, you check which schools are within your vicinity.

What is a Catchment Area?

Catchment areas are designed to maintain the school’s ‘local status’ by prioritizing applicants within a certain radius. This, therefore, ensures that the school looks after the local community and that there is less of a commuting distance. All remaining places will then be made available to those living further away. All children must achieve the standard qualifying score in order to be admitted.

However. distance to the school is often used as a tie-break.

To check the school’s catchment areas you can use handy online tools like Locrating or go to the King Edward Foundation site. In the weeks to come, we will be talking more about Grammar Schools and things to consider in finding the best one for you.

For now, check out our quick quiz below to get an idea of what school is right for your child!


As always, if you are interested in seeking tuition to help with the Grammar School entrance exam, please contact us today!

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