What happens after the 11+ exam?

If your child is sitting the 11+ exam this September, you’ll probably have spent all your time focusing on the 7th September. However you might be wondering what happens after the 11+ exam. Here’s our rundown of the next steps after the 11+ exam for your child:

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Results – 18th October

The exams are marked and scores are standardised to ensure that children born later in the year have as much chance as those born at the start of a school year at getting into school. This is important as even at this age, the difference in the amount of learning a child has received is much greater than in later years.

Due to the standardisation, there isn’t an exact pass mark that guarantees entry to a school. The entry-level for some schools will be different from others due to the popularity of the schools and the number of students trying to gain a place.

School Choice – Deadline: 31st October

Choosing the school you want your child to go to comes once the results have been received. It is obviously never a guarantee that your child will pass the 11+ so you will also select the comprehensive schools that you want your child to attend as well.

The preference form is issued by your local authority. You may receive one from your child’s current primary school but they will also be available on the local council website. The links to the websites for Birmingham and Solihull are at the bottom of this post.

Allocation Day – 1st March

As mentioned above, the final allocations take place once all the results are standardised. The students who have been successful will be advised of their place for the coming September. An exciting day all round for those who already know they’ve got a high score.

There will be some children who may have done enough to get into A grammar school but not necessarily THE grammar school which they wanted. Depending on preference choices on the application, they may decide to go to a different grammar school or instead attend a comprehensive school. However just getting a grade good enough to get into a Birmingham grammar school should be regarded as a triumph, regardless of the end destination.

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Starting School – September

The most exciting day of all; The first day of grammar school! The post-exam nerves and the anxious school allocations wait is over. Now it is on to the biggest adventure. Secondary education at a grammar school is unparalleled and we know that all those who are successful in the Birmingham 11+ exam will be given a world-class education.

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