How do I prepare my child for the 11+ over the holidays? BOFA and Bedrock of course!

As we prepare, with a spring in our step, for Christmas this year – we also want to think about how to keep up our children’s good work over the holidays. It is vital that the holidays do not become an opportunity to fall behind. However, it is also important that they are a time of rest and relaxation. So, how do we go about encouraging good habits without overwhelming them? To an extent, Smart 11+ Tuition have solved one part of the puzzle. As we are closed for two weeks over Christmas, our pupils have a chance to regroup. It is always important to give them space to process information and everything they have learned. Having said that, to keep that curiosity gleaming and the brain whirring, we would still encourage online learning platforms, like BOFA and Bedrock. For when they have a spare moment.

What would you recommend?

We strongly recommend BOFA and Bedrock. These two online learning platforms come included in your membership here at Smart 11+ Tuition and you can access them whenever you like.

What is BOFA?

“Planet BOFA is the only online 11-plus and KS2 teaching system that builds a unique learning experience around each student. We test, tutor and retest, always tracking your child’s progress, boosting learning at every stage with a laser-focus on weaker areas.”

BOFA is an incredible online platform that focuses on developing your core English and Maths skills. You start with an initial test that establishes your base level, and then BOFA tailors the questions to challenge your weak points.

It is intuitive and fun. A great way to prepare for the 11+ exam!

What is Bedrock?

Bedrock Vocabulary has a simple mission: to narrow the word gap that exists between different groups of students and improve outcomes across the curriculum for all students.

Bedrock is focused on developing your vocabulary skills through comprehension and reading. Your child will be exposed to hundreds of classic texts in an understandable way. 


So, how many times a week should we be logging on to BOFA and Bedrock?

That is entirely up to you.

We encourage all our pupils to set their own pace with the online homework.

However, commonly, our pupils log in to BOFA and Bedrock each week and complete their tests. These systems adapt based on your child’s results, and so are completely bespoke to your child’s ability and progress. BOFA is recommended by Eton College amongst many other elite schools.  The question bank is as near to the 11+ as you can get so it is such a fantastic resource. Bedrock is an extensive vocabulary building tool that also helps to improve comprehension skills. 

These platforms are included in the session price and are available for you to use as often as you like! 

We hope this helps as you start preparing for the festive season! If you have any questions about online homework, do not hesitate to reach out!