Improvement in Year 6 SATs Results

toddler writing indoors

Some very welcome news from the world of education today. The Year 6 SATs results have shown a 1% increase on last year from 64% in 2018 and 61% in 2017. Progress is progress!

The number of pupils reaching the level expecting of maths showed the biggest improvement compared with reading. 79% of pupils met the expected standard for maths which is an increase from 2018 which was 75%.

English Year 6 SATs Results

Unfortunately the spelling, punctuation and grammar results remained the same and the reading levels reduced from 75% to 73%. The Department for Education has put a lot of impetus on children’s ability in the English sections so this will be a concern. Teachers and parents have got a lot of work to do with trying to improve these areas.

It is important to remember that SATs only show part of a child’s educational performance and that there is a diverse range of indicators around a child’s academic achievement.

Nick Gibbs, Minister for School Standards said: “These results show the majority of pupils are leaving primary school ready to deal with the challenges of secondary school. It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of teachers that we have seen results rising over time despite the bar of expectation having been raised.”

Areas For Improvement

We may be an 11+ tuition centre but we really care about the overall academic performance of our pupils. We’re happy to have a chat with you if there are areas you feel your child needs to improve and we can work on it with them in their tuition sessions.