Why have an initial assessment? Help us to help you!

Initial Assessments

One of the first things we ask all of you is to bring your child in for an initial assessment. As soon as many people hear ‘assessment’ their ears prickle with sweat.

But, this is no normal test.

We don’t use the results to tell us how well you revised or how good you are at tests. We use the results to help you. Before you join the tuition centres we want to know what makes you tick; what subjects you like; which ones you are good at; and ultimately, where you may need some help. It is not a frightening experience and our team are on hand to keep everyone calm and relaxed.

So, you probably clicked on this blog because you want to find out more? Let’s have a look at the top five questions we get asked by parents when we say ‘Let’s get you in for an initial assessment.’

What is an initial assessment?

Firstly, an initial assessment is a small test covering a range of topics in the subjects of Maths and English. The test is written in 11+ style of questions but is not an 11+ standard test. The material ranges from easy questions to harder questions to establish your area of expertise.

We do not expect you to get 100%. We want your child to show off how much they know and the areas where they aren’t so sure. This can help us to support your child when you get into the centre and place your child into the right ability group. In the correct ability group, they will be able to develop and thrive. They will have the support they need but also that little kick of challenge suited to their ability.


Where is the initial assessment?

Good question! I have an even better question for you: what is better for your child?

Option one:

A secluded one-on-one experience online with an experienced centre manager supporting your child.

Option two:

Or, a bustling environment in the centre, where your child can see first hand our exciting tuition classes, meet some fantastic tutors and then have an initial assessment at the end when they are familiar with the environment and asked all the questions they want.

It’s your choice.

Here at Smart 11+ Tuition, we want to give your child options and help them feel as comfortable as possible.


Do we need to bring anything?

This is one of the most popular questions. We highly recommend bringing a water bottle and a pencil case (with pens and a pencil) but that is it.

How long is the initial assessment?

The assessment can last between 25 to 40 minutes in total. Depending on your child’s age and year group will depend on how long they have to complete the initial assessment. The closer you are to the 11+ exam, the better your pace needs to be – so we would cut down on your child’s time if they were older.

What happens next, after the initial assessment?

The initial assessment is a tool to help us understand your child’s base level ability. The next steps will be to contact you (the parents) and talk about how we can help your child in one of our ability¬†groups.

We will discuss the times and days we have available, our locations around Birmingham, we may recommend a group with similar results to your child, and we may recommend one or two sessions a week based on your child’s needs. We will do everything we can to make sure your child is placed in the right group, in the right ability level for them.


So there you have it, all your burning questions about the initial assessment answered!

Interested in booking an initial assessment? Why wait? Click here to get in contact with us and book your child’s initial assessment.