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King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls

Headteacher: Amy Whitall

Motto: Love of learning, pride in diversity, excellence for all

History: First established in 1883, like many of the other King Edward VI schools, a transfer to the current Handsworth site took place in 1911. The new school cost £50,000 and was very modern for its day with a specialist library and common room. Prior to the move, the school had been separated from King Edward VI Aston by a 4m walls to stop the boys and girls mixing socially. Girls also had to travel to the school wearing gloves and were not allowed to eat in the street. During the last 40 years, the school has had to stave off threats of closure both nationally and locally but gladly it has continued to grow and provide a superb education to the girls who study there.

Facilities: Since the millennium, there have been many upgrades to the facilities including new IT suites, a sports hall and music facilities including a renovated organ. A new library was built in 2011, in a modern building with coloured window panes. As well as these modern facilities the old school buildings provide an inspirational place to study.

Sport: During the first two years at grammar school, girls attend 5 physical education sessions a fortnight. The King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls website gives an excellent breakdown of what your daughter can expect from the lessons and how progress is assessed. Girls do a range of physical activities such as badminton, netball, dance, gymnastics, rounders, hockey and football.

Website: www.kingedwardvi.bham.sch.uk

Twitter: @KEVIHandsworth

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