Last Minute Exam Preparation for the 11 Plus

Your child is sitting the 11 plus exam and you want to give your child the best last minute exam preparation. There are lots of things that can help make the day go as smoothly as possible, starting the evening before! Let’s take a dive into how best to prepare your child for the big day…

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The Night Before

Eating heavily the night before an exam can mean that sleep is more difficult so your child should eat at least 3 hours before bedtime. If they like to eat fish them something rich in Omega-3, such as oily fish, is really good for the brain and concentration. Then before bed, something high in fibre that will keep them full during the night. Make sure that your child is well hydrated, but not so much that their sleep might be interrupted by a trip to the toilet in the night!

Another thing you can do the night before is lay out their clothes for tomorrow. Maybe talk to them about what they’ll be most comfortable in as they are likely to be sat down for nearly 2 hours. This discussion will allow them to visualise themselves in the exam room and will help take the stress away in the morning.

Finally, on the night before, stop any electronic screens at least an hour before bed. Screen time alters our brains and makes it much more difficult for us to sleep. Try to get them to read something to help their brain unwind. The book should be a personal choice for them and will hopefully aid their ability to go to sleep.

The Morning

Wake up early to give you and your child enough time to get ready. Their brain will need a little bit of time to reach full speed.

Eat something healthy for breakfast. Aim to have something that isn’t too sugary and is high in fibre in order to help your child feel full. If they’re hungry then this will be a distraction during the exam. Perhaps poached eggs on whole wheat toast or porridge with raisins.

Have a relaxed conversation with your child. Do a few easy maths problems to get their brain ticking and give them a lot of praise.

Make sure that your child’s pencil case is ready to go with all the things they’re going to need. There could be a short break between papers so make sure you’re prepared with a drink and a snack.

The Most Important Thing

Of all of the things to do as part of last minute preparation for the 11 plus exam is to remind your child that they should see this as an opportunity, not the be-all and end-all. This is their chance to get into Grammar School but they will still succeed in life if they don’t. The fact they had the confidence and belief to take on the exam shows that they’re tenacious enough to face anything. Tell them that.

To Smart 11+ Tuition Pupils

One last note to our pupils at Smart 11+ Tuition Harborne, Smart 11+ Tuition Solihull and Smart 11+ Tuition Solihull. We are so proud of the work that you put in up to the exam, particularly when your schooling was so disrupted. All of our staff and tutors want to wish you all the best with the exam in the morning. We know you will give it your best shot and believe in each and every one of you.