Learn Your Way Through Pancake Day

There are plenty of ways to learn through cooking and pancake day is a great place to try it. There are English, Maths and Science all covered in a delicious range of toppings! Whether you have lemon and sugar, Nutella or golden syrup, there are ways you can sneak in a little bit of learning.

Food on Table


Cooking is a great way of explaining ratios and fractions. By looking at the ingredients, you could ask your little one to scale the recipe. Maybe say that if one egg means that you have a certain amount of flour and milk, how much flour and milk would be needed for two eggs. Three, five and seven would provide more challenging sums, so a pen and paper might be required. This could be done while you’re cooking up the delicious pancakes which are the perfect reward for some brainwork.

Close-up of Food in Plate


When you’re getting the ingredients out of the fridge and cupboard, why not ask your little one to give you some synonyms for the constituent parts of the pancake. Ask them to describe flour, milk and eggs. Perhaps let them feel each of the parts giving them the opportunity to get to know the ingredients. Children always love getting their hands dirty and I’m sure the gloopy egg will be a lot of fun for them to describe!


Whilst not an 11+ topic, grammar schools place science in high regard. If you can remember a bit of secondary school science, you can teach your child about reactions that are reversible and those which aren’t. For example, the warming and cooling of oil is a reversible reaction as it goes back to its previous state. However, the beating of an egg is irreversible. You will never be able to put the yolk back together. This is a tiny bit of learning which could help your little one in their early lessons of chemistry at grammar school.

Pancakes With Strawberry, Blueberries, and Maple Syrup


Do you have any other ideas for giving your children little lessons whilst cooking this pancake day? Let us know!