“Learning to be a reader gives a terrific advantage” – Celebrating Roald Dahl Story Day!

Sometimes we take the magic of reading for granted. Do you remember reading your first full book? How did it feel to dive into a character’s mind and get lost in the depths of their imaginary world? When asking others how they felt about reading they expressed how they found it not only ‘refreshing’ but ‘innovative.’ Yet some felt like it helped them learn how to escape their own stresses and worries. I found these descriptions intimately familiar. Reading is an experience. One where you can lose yourself in a beautiful, multi-cultural, new world. Most importantly on Roald Dahl Story Day it is important to note how reading can be shared with everyone from all over the world.

Here at Smart 11+ Tuition centre, we believe that learning to read can be a magnificent adventure. Filled with exciting moments, and scrumdiddlyumptious amounts of fun. This is why this week we are celebrating Roald Dahl Story Day this year by encouraging everyone to read one of his books!

Who is Roald Dahl? 

Roald Dahl is a renowned children’s literature author. He was born in Llandaff, Wales in the year 1916, to Norwegian parents. He certainly lived a brilliant and successful life. Having written forty-eight books in his lifetime. In addition to this, he was a chocolate historian, an inventor and also worked alongside Ian Flemming as a Spy during the second world war! He created over 250 new worlds and many different new words.

Quite incredible.

What is Roald Dahl Story Day? 

First and foremost, it is a day dedicated to celebrating Roald Dahl.

Secondly, it is a day to acknowledge the art of reading.

Celebrated on the 13th September – Roald Dahl’s birthday – people come together to commemorate the incredible success of his stories, characters and imagination.

So, what has Roald Dahl written? 

His first-ever children’s book was called The Gremlins, which inspired the famous 1984 Steven Spielberg film of the same name. He also wrote Matilda and Fantastic Mr Fox which inspired musicals. As well as James and the Giant Peach, The Witches, and The BFG are all now successful films. Above all, he created Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – which is arguably one of his most famous texts. Overall, he has been an incredibly powerful presence in society. Inspiring creativity and imagination in all the children that read his books.


People around the world are celebrating this special day with events, activities and interactive evenings. Let’s have a look at what is happening near us:

  • The Custard Factory is being transformed into The Chocolate Factory for one day only on Saturday, September 10. There will be storytelling, activities, and cake decorating.
  • There will be a screening of Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory at the Mac. This is on at 2pm on Saturday 10th September.
  • Last but not least, the Magic Candy Factory launches in September. This is your chance to try out the world’s first 3D printer that can personalise gummy sweets!
  • Lastly, click here to check out more!

Ultimately, there are loads of exciting things to do and take part in. We believe undoubtedly that one of the most helpful things children can do to improve their vocabulary and also their processing speed is to read a book. We encourage all of our children here, in the centre, to read as much as possible. So why not, with the 11+ exam also in sight, join in, have fun, relax, and celebrate this special day.