Lessons To Learn From National Storytelling Week


National Storytelling Week

So as we come to the end of National Storytelling Week, we wanted to recognise the positive benefits of storytelling. It’s a great way to improve your child’s vocabulary and is a solid foundation for building a love of reading in your child. It is also one of many building blocks in helping your child to succeed in the 11+ exam.

Read Read Read

One of the key areas to 11+ exam success is vocabulary. It’s something we teach at Smart 11+ Tuition and an area which is incredibly easy to foster at home. Reading stories is a great way to do this is by reading stories. As children get older, the books they read get longer. The words they encounter within these books will gradually become more complicated as authors use different words to mix up the narrative of their stories. The more books your child reads and the more different authors they encounter, the greater their lexicon will grow.

Telling Stories

Another way you can help your child increase their vocabulary is through telling stories. You can have real fun with them, making up stories about fictional characters and the things they do with each other. You can build on each other’s stories, altering words within the stories to make them different. Discussing antonyms is also a good way to increase vocabulary when children build links to their opposites.

Let’s Get Reading

We hope you’ve managed to use National Storytelling Week to start to continue fostering a love of reading in your child.