Managing the stress of results day – 11+ Exam.

It is an anxious time of year for both parents and children. To manage the expectation and results of a highly-pressured and challenging paper can be very stressful. Here at 11+ we have put together some top tips on how to handle results day.

Look at Comprehensive and Grammar Schools before results day.

Keep your options open. Do not focus solely on the Grammar schools available to your child if they pass the test. Talk about comprehensive schools and other local options as well as the Grammar school possibilities. Maybe even attend a fun open day or go for a walk to the schools to take a look.

Make the Grammar school opportunity an option not the be all and end all.


Keep your child busy on the day.

On the day of the results, try to keep them as distracted as possible from the news arriving. Try to ensure that your child is in a good and positive frame of mind to receive the results on the day.

Focus on the positives.

Even if they did or did not receive a priority score – they have done extraordinarily well to get to this point. They have taken an advanced paper, worked on their reasoning and core curriculum skills, and taken a step forward in their educational journey. Even if it isn’t a success they will have learned something and that is the main point of education.


At the end of the day, it is a journey and if they do not get the results that they were hoping for then they should still be proud for having a go. Celebrate either way. 

Come back next week where we will be looking into how to deal with the exam results and the next steps.

Good luck with the results and be happy regardless!