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How many 11+ tuition sessions a week is a good amount?

At this time of year, those with children in Year 5 are steadily building to the 11+ exam in September. This tends to trigger the question of how many 11+ tuition sessions a week is a good amount? Should we stick with one so as to not overwhelm or, should we move to two for further support?

There is no correct answer, it is all about the individual child and what works best for them. However, it is imperative to note that the more exposure to 11+ style questions the better.evgeniya-litovchenko-Wm5dBk0ZXYc-unsplash-2

What does an extra 11+ tuition session give my child?

Not only does an extra tuition session provide more material and therefore more chance to familiarise oneself with the 11+ style curriculum, but it gives your child access to more support. With two sessions a week, our tutors have much more opportunity to get to know your child quickly and provide challenging questions and specific support as needed.

Here at Smart 11+ Tuition, we pride ourselves on our ability to do the right thing for the child and if your child is feeling that they need more support we are on hand to offer two sessions a week as required. We do also find that children in Year 5 feel more comfortable about taking the exam once they have had two sessions a week for a period of time as they feel better prepared.

How many tuition sessions a week is a good amount for a Year 4 pupil?

Again, it is incredibly specific to the child.

However, at this time we would recommend that Year 5 pupils have two sessions a week but not necessarily Year 4 pupils. It entirely depends on what works best for the child, but two sessions a week is a lot of exposure to practice questions, materials, and topics. This can be a fantastic opportunity to learn as much as possible and give your child the best chance at being successful at the 11+ exam but should not come at the cost of them feeling overwhelmed or unable to take part in other extra-curriculum activities.

We would, therefore, highly recommend that Year 5 pupils start thinking about two sessions a week and if Year 4 pupils are interested please speak to the centre managers directly.

What else can we do to support our child as we get closer to the 11+ exam?

Here are some of our top tips for Year 5’s to help them prepare for the 11+ exam:

1. Utilise the expertise of our online homework platform BOFA and Bedrock! For year 5 pupils we recommend:

  • English: x1 initial test, practice questions and retest per week
  • Verbal Reasoning: x1 initial test, practice questions and retest per week
  • Maths: x1 initial test, practice questions and retest per week Non-verbal Reasoning: x1 initial test, practice questions and retest per week

 On Bedrock we recommend: 4 lessons per week

2. Reach out to your centre manager for any additional resources that can help you.

We have a huge bank of resources covering English, Maths, and Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning. Need something specific? Not a problem. Just send us a message and we can send these across.

3. Try out 2 sessions a week to increase exposure to 11+ style questions.

This does seem to really help and support pupils. We have found that pupils with two sessions a week feel more comfortable and knowledgeable ahead of the 11+ exam.

4. Check out our Booster Courses for more specific areas of skill and improvement.

The purpose of the courses is to build a further in-depth understanding of all areas of the 11+. Our expert tutors will be on hand to provide additional tuition covering subject knowledge revision for English, verbal reasoning, maths, and non-verbal reasoning.

Pupils will be working with tutors in the morning sessions and build a foundation of knowledge.  They will then utilise during our 11+ practice sections in the afternoons.  We have some fantastic practice papers which give an insight into how to tackle an 11+ paper.


We will also be sharing in the next week some key information about a mock exam provider that will be able to support you in the lead up to the 11+ exam. So, keep your eyes peeled!

If you have any questions about the above, as usual, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are available via learn@smart11plus.co.uk and on 01215170339. We love to hear from you!