Meet the Team

We employ qualified teachers with genuine first hand experience of working in schools with pupils.  We also have subject specialists with fantastic subject knowledge and ability at working with pupils to improve them in whichever area they require.


Principal Tutor

I am passionate about education. As the son and grandson of educators, it is in my genes to know the importance of education and that the relationship between teachers and students is the key to learning.

I believe you can present innovative, all singing, all dancing approaches to the classroom, and repeatedly create new ways to engage pupils. You can cram your lessons full of subject matter, activities, games and imaginative assessment. You can cover your walls in bright posters, and even invite visitors in to motivate your pupils. You can reorganise the tables and chairs into different seating plans and move pupils around the room constantly to keep them occupied.

Try it all. It will make a difference. But above all, the thing that drives outcomes in the classroom? It’s when teachers care about each and every one of their students, when they are passionate about learning, and are in love with their subject. Students will remember that for the rest of their lives.

Enthusiastic and caring teachers really do make the biggest impact on children’s lives. At Smart 11+ we share that ability to build a bond with our students. This bond will help the children learn and grow, and give them every chance of success when exam day comes.


Senior Tutor

I chose to join Smart 11+ Tuition because from the moment I walked in I could see an amazing culture of enthusiasm, support and care. It is a small family business and pupils are treated as individuals and are encouraged to enjoy the learning process. The result is fantastic outcomes and high achievement.


Senior Tutor

I started working as a primary school teacher in 2004, specialising in teaching 7-11 year olds. I have been both a Class Teacher and a Senior Tutor at Smart 11+. Our focus is on delivering the curriculum with enthusiasm and dynamism, aiming to encourage and empower each child’s intrinsic desire for self improvement. I am proud to be part of a team of professionals whose passion for education translates into motivated and inspired pupils.


Senior Tutor

I am always amazed at how enthusiastic the children are to learn when they come to Smart 11+. As a qualified teacher, working in a mainstream school during the week, I find coming in and working here is such an incredibly positive contrast. Children at Smart 11+ love coming and that is shown through our numerous success stories.


Smart 11+ Tutor

When I first joined Smart 11+, I was amazed at how eager the children were to learn. I think the relationship between the staff and pupils is what is special about Smart 11+. We all genuinely care about the pupils and we go above and beyond to help them in their learning.