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Mock 11+ exams – Helping you to Prepare.

This time of year a lot of parents ask us if we would recommend an 11+ mock exam. Now, this may be a matter of opinion. Some believe that mock exams give you the experience of the real thing and help you feel better prepared. Others believe that the impact of co-vid 19 makes a mock exam too much pressure for a child.

To an extent, they are both right.

Mock exams are very stressful and if you do get an unexpected or negative result it can impact your child’s confidence.

But it can be a great thing too.


How can a mock exam help my child?

A mock exam usually takes place in an unfamiliar setting with different people. To start, this makes it feel a lot more real and a lot like the way the 11+ exam day will be. It, therefore, becomes an entirely new form of exposure to 11+ materials.

But that is not the best part.

It isn’t actually the 11+ exam day! This means that pupils can get all their exam day jitters out on a productive mock exam. This can be a great experience and really beneficial to them.

The exam also reaps results. This means that as parents you can have an accurate picture of how your child is doing under exam conditions. This can be super useful and support the direction of your home learning.

So, how do we do an 11+ mock exam?

If you would like your child to experience a formal mock exam you can access these via our recommended provider Einstein 11+.

We have worked alongside Einstein 11+ for several years. Einstein offer both online and face-to-face examinations and provide detailed and comprehensive feedback. We would recommend these for our Year 5 pupils.

Einstein 11+ are delivering exams monthly until August 2022. At present their face-to-face exams are scheduled to take place at Aston Manor Academy, Phillips Street, Aston, Birmingham B6 4PZ. Prices start from £34.95 per exam, and we are delighted to be able to provide up to 10% off with discount code ‘smartmock’.

To find out more about Einstein 11+ or to book a mock exam please use the following website: https://www.einstein11plus.com/mockexams.php.

Don’t forget your discount code!


What about after the 11+ mock exam?

Let us know how it goes! It is really important to us that you keep us updated. If you decide to take the mock exam you will receive a thorough report from Einstein that can be really useful to our tutors in tailoring your child’s learning needs.

Please always send any documents or reports to Smart 11+ Tuition so that we can learn more too!