Online Learning Hints and Tips

woman in front of silver macbook

Now our sessions have moved online until we’re able to re-open physical sessions, we thought it was important to give you tips for how to help your child to get the most out of their learning time. You have probably been supporting your child with their online learning for school, there may be some ideas here that can really supercharge their time with us!

1. Test the Online Learning Software

Our first bit of advice is to test the technology before the online learning sessions. If you are using a device which you haven’t used before, test that you know how to enable audio on the software and that the microphone and camera works. Show your child how to mute themselves, as this is best practice when they aren’t talking to their tutor.

black wireless headphones between Apple Keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse on white surface

2. Sound

Being able to hear is really important. Homes can be busy places so we recommend using headphones with a microphone attachment. This will make it easier for your child to concentrate, whilst also reducing background noise if they are talking to their tutor. Many mobile phones come with headphones with a microphone so there’s no need to buy specialist bits of kit. Many children have consoles and so will probably have good quality headphones anyway.

3. Workspace

Clearing the space around your child (this works for your office desk too by the way!) will help them concentrate on the work in front of them. Remove distracting toys, other technology like phones or tablets, and give them space to be able to work when they have to write on their workbooks.

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4. Distraction

If you have the space in your house, let your child have a room for the duration of their session which isn’t going to be invaded by siblings or pets. You should check on them every 15-20 minutes to make sure they aren’t having any issues, but making sure that your child isn’t being distracted by siblings is definitely good for their ability to concentrate.

5. Worksheets

Your child’s tutor will be showing the questions on the screen but particularly for comprehension exercises, being able to see the question if they are showing a further part of the exercise is really helpful. Either print them out or for the environmentally conscious, have a separate device with them on, means that they can work at their own pace when required.

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