Do past papers help? How to get 11+ past papers and answers to your questions.

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A lot of parents believe that past papers are the key to successful results in the 11+ exam.

To an extent they are right.

Answering past papers helps your child to establish the things they are really good at and focus on the things they need to practice. It can be a fantastic revision tool or make them feel more confident about what they already know. Past papers from the exam board themselves are ideal! However, if you are looking to take an 11+ exam outside of the Birmingham and Warwickshire area you may be sadly disappointed.

All CEM papers have no past papers.

We couldn’t believe it either! To make a test they considered ‘tutor-able’ difficult, the exam board decided not to publish past papers.

I can hear all the parents around the UK now signing with disappointment.

Do not fear! If you are lucky enough to be looking towards the Warwickshire or Birmingham consortium grammar schools, I have good news.

There are GL past papers online…and they are free!

Where can I find them?!

You can find them online on the official GL paper page. GL Assessment is the leading provider of 11+ tests for admission, and they provide free online materials and past papers.

Check them out here!

Not only that but they adapt their papers regularly to better echo the format of the most recent 11+ exam. This resource is invaluable to children looking to take the exam.  It can help build confidence and allow them to become familiar with the style and format of the exam.

However, parents beware…

It can be really easy to print off exam papers as the only preparation for the 11+ exam. And for what it is worth, this can work in some rare situations. Nevertheless, children need an explanation of why they got something wrong to be able to improve in the future.


So, what is the perfect solution?

Getting your child a tutor to help explain questions when they get things wrong is one way to do it.

Here at Smart 11+ Tuition, we are happy to go over the odd exam question and give feedback. We also run our own midterm reviews that are in exam paper styles to check on progress and support children in their understanding. Click here to find out more about our tuition centres and how we can support you.

There isn’t a perfect solution, and as we all know there are no guarantees.

But there are some really good ways to give your child their best shot.