What is it really like to go to Grammar School or Independent School?

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This is one of the most unspoken questions on everyone’s lips when they start to consider grammar school or independent school for their child. At the end of the day, it is really important that our children and parents know what they are fighting for.

So let’s dive right in.

What is Grammar School like?

Grammar schools are selective secondary schools whose focus is on academic achievement. This does tend to lead to better GCSE and A-Level results, and overall a well-rounded education. Grammar schools also offer a vast range of subjects that are not common in comprehensive schools. Latin for instance or classics is widely available in grammar schools. Whereas in comprehensive schools, you tend to find more ‘less academic’ or less theory-heavy subjects like design and technology.

It is also important to note that Grammar Schools tend to keep the end goal in mind. They arrange open days to universities frequently throughout the later years at school and encourage pupils to have ambitious goals (Oxford and Cambridge).

As every single pupil in a Grammar School has worked hard to get there. They tend to be quite a competitive bunch. This can be really useful, and work to advance a whole class who want to excel at school and are surrounded by like-minded individuals.


What are Independent Schools like?

It is really important to note that both Grammar and Independent Schools are similar. Independent schools also offer a wider curriculum than comprehensive schools, and commonly a breadth of extra-curriculum activities.

However, the major difference and the best advantage of independent schools are the small class sizes. Having a small class size means having the full attention of your teacher. From my various visits to private schools, class sizes range from 5 pupils per class to 21. This is HUGE in comparison to the 30 pupils in a comprehensive.

Not all independent schools however are focussed on academic achievement. Independent schools tend to be more about the individual child, supporting their academic and personal development. They are also not necessarily restrictive and children of a multitude of abilities, levels and skills can attend.

Ultimately, private schools will strive for academic results and support both parents and child along the education journey in a very personable manner.


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