SATs results: Have they improved since last year?


whydoparentsSATs results came out this week and show an increase in attainment for pupils leaving primary schools in the core subjects of maths and English.

64% of students met the expected standard in writing, reading and maths. Last year it was 61%.

Across the board, results have increased in reading, writing and maths with 75%, 78% and 76% of pupils meeting the expected standard in each respectively. Last year those figures were 71%, 76% and 75%. There is another test for grammar, punctuation and spelling which saw an increase of 1% year on year.

Pupils this year were the third to sit the new SATs which were introduced in 2014. They are based on the national curriculum introduced in the same year which had a lot more emphasis on knowledge and skills. The overall improvement in results shows that our secondary schools are going to have some incredibly bright kids appearing at the start of September. However, with just over a third of pupils failing to meet the standards expected, there is still work to be done.

As is shown with the pupils at Smart 11+ Tuition, when they engage in mental arithmetic and learn a wide lexicon, they are most likely to succeed in exams in their future. As there is some crossover with the 11+ exam, we have children learning these skills every Saturday. With the home learning in addition to this, our pupils are really helped to develop their independent study skills.

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