Smart 11+ Tuition Reasoning Month is Complete!

Smart 11+ Tuition Reasoning Month

Whether you’ve taken part on Facebook, sent us a video of your child doing a reasoning activity or read our blogs, we hope that you’ve found the Smart 11+ Tuition Reasoning Month useful. Our aim is always to help your child pass the 11+, whether they are one of our pupils at our centres in Harborne, Solihull or Sutton Coldfield or not. Whilst the times might be strange at the moment, we are glad to be able to continue to educate the children of the West Midlands in the hope that they pass the 11+. And even if your child isn’t aiming for grammar school, doing reasoning activities with them will only boost their skills as they progress through education and into their eventual careers.

We thought we’d give you a little summary of the month in case you missed any of it.


Reasoning is the action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way. It’s a really important part of the 11+ exam. In the first blog of the month, we explained exactly the benefit of helping your child build their reasoning skills.

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Non-verbal Reasoning Challenge

A key part of the 11+ exam is non-verbal reasoning. This tests a child’s ability to see patterns or relationships between shapes, both in two and three dimensions. On our Facebook page (like it if you haven’t already!) we had a non-verbal reasoning challenge where we posted questions and answers every day of June. There are 30 on our page to have a go at and we’ve put them all in an album to make it easier to go through them. If you want to give your child a quick challenge every now and then, they are an excellent resource!

Take a look at the puzzles here

Problem Solving in Primary Age Children

Reasoning is all about problem-solving. This is a skill that can be taught from a young age. We talked about this a bit more in one of our blogs during Reasoning Month. In it you can find more activities and a few logic puzzles that are definitely worth a go with your child!

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Making Reasoning Fun

There are very few children who can sit and do exam-type questions and maintain concentration. That’s why it’s important to use games and puzzles to make reasoning fun. There are lots to choose from but in the author’s view, there aren’t many better than the game of Scrabble. And it’s doesn’t just help with reasoning, there’s vocabulary and maths in there too!

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Smart 11+ Tuition Reasoning Help

Hopefully, the Smart 11+ Tuition Reasoning Month helps your child with their reasoning skills in order to pass the 11+ exam. However, if you want to talk to us about how we can give your child a better chance at success, we’d love to hear from you. We have three centres; Smart 11+ Tuition Harborne, Smart 11+ Tuition Solihull and Smart 11+ Tuition Sutton Coldfield. Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch!