Three reasons to start 11+ tuition today!

Quite commonly we have parents come to us with children who are excelling at school. They have been doing well in class and achieving some fantastic feedback. It is at times like these that parents start thinking about Grammar school. They come to us with questions like ‘should we consider different schools?’ the age-old ‘what is the 11+ exam?’ and ultimately ask ‘why start 11+ tuition today?’

The answer to these questions is not clear-cut.

Firstly, it depends on the individual. Does your child show an interest in Grammer school? Do they want an environment where they are challenged? Are they self-motivated and have a desire to achieve? Do they need to be supported in gaining both relevant knowledge and exam tips to help them succeed? If they need support in understanding what is required and how to approach the exam on the day – then ultimately they need tuition.

Why start 11+ Tuition today?  


1. Get a dedicated and experienced Tutor to help your child through this process.

It can be really easy to go to the local bookstore, buy every 11+ exam practice book in the store and hope for the best. This is also commonly fruitless and expensive.

Here at Smart 11+ we have specialized tutors who aim to highlight any weaknesses and address these in a positive learning environment. They are on hand to answer questions in a small group, face-to-face learning environment. The Team at Smart 11+ are exceptional and work hard to encourage an open rapport with each and every child. Don’t believe us?

Just check out some of these reviews:

I would recommend Sam and his team to all. They supported our daughter throughout the whole 11 plus process to success. Sam was available at all times for any questions and his tutors genuinely cared for our daughter and instilled confidence and exam technique.

We sent our son to Sam and the team for 18 months, I can honestly say he never moaned once about going and positively thrived during his time there. He loved the small groups and the learning style, within a short time he was exceeding all the requirements at school and last year scored very highly on his 11 plus exam meaning he had his pick of schools.


2. Learn our in-depth curriculum.

Our sessions cover all the necessary topics, develop 11+ core skills, complete practice papers, and get that all-important feedback. To do all this, most children start tutoring in Year Three or Four, and sometimes as late as Year Five.

So what is covered in the curriculum? 

The areas that we cover are core subjects such as Maths and English. This includes verbal reasoning skills (Cloze, antonyms, synonyms, shuffled sentences, etc.), mathematics (fractions, algebra, shapes, arithmetic, etc.), and a broad ability to identify patterns. As well as this we support your child with challenging non-verbal reasoning – through practice, practice, practice.  Smart 11+ Tuition have a bespoke curriculum inline with CEM exam papers and designed to help your child succeed.


3. We also offer a FREE initial assessment. 

To establish the level your child is working at and to highlight any key areas of improvement in time for the exam we offer an initial assessment. During this assessment we will test your child on questions in a similar style to the 11+ exam. We will then contact you directly with their results and a personalised learning plan on how we can help them succeed.

This initial assessment will help us to help you. Even if you just want to gain an understanding of if Grammar school is a possibility for your child – come to one of our initial assessments by enquiring today. 

We look forward to hearing from you!