Tuition Update – 25th July 2020

I hope you are well and enjoyed the first week of the summer holidays with your children. Please find below some key information based on the upcoming 11+ entrance tests and mock examinations available to support you. Thank you again for all your support – we all feel very grateful to have such an awesome group of parents and children.

Exam Information

The government have released guidance to grammar schools which asks that the 11+ examinations are moved back. The guidance says: “We strongly advise that tests for grammar and selective schools are moved back into late October or to November if local admission co-ordination processes allow.” It is likely to mean parents of Year 6 pupils will have to make their secondary school choices before knowing the test result. The guidance also says that parents should be “strongly” advised to list both selective and non-selective schools when they list the preferences for their child. Otherwise, if their child were to fail the entrance test there would be “consequences” for the child, the guidance says.

As a result of this, am aware that there are currently consultations going on between the local grammar schools in both Birmingham and Warwickshire, to move the exam back. In terms of the implications on preparation at Smart 11+ I just want to make it clear that we will stand by every single pupil we have and promise to continue to support your children right up to the exam. If the exam is moved back to October/November we will make sure that we have the capacity in our sessions to continue to teach our Year 5 pupils and will not take new pupils on at the expense of any current pupil.

Plans for Reopening

Sadly I am not able to offer an update on the date of reopening of face to face sessions. All 3 of our sites are steadfast in their belief that by allowing third-party providers to use their site it will jeopardise the safety of their own pupils. We believe this is not the case and have put forward strong opposition to these views and are still negotiating whether there are any opportunities to use their sites during the summer holidays. We have also liaised with other schools in the areas surrounding to try and source alternative venues. Thank you so much for sticking with us and to your wonderful children for working with us to ensure that they stay on track with the academic progress in this challenging time.

Once we get the green light and can continue we will work on a 2-week time frame and then follow these steps:

We will ask existing customers if they wish to come back to face to face sessions OR continue with Smart 11+ Online (for example if shielding or not confident to allow your child back into the centre).
For those that DO NOT wish to return immediately, will be able to continue with Smart 11+ Online – the work will be sent out each week with a supporting video just as is the case now.
For those that DO wish to return, we will start up sessions again but on a smaller scale. We will do our best where possible to ensure all children get their original day and time slot from before closure. We will also make sure we have stringent social distance strategies in sessions.
We will continue to offer full access to Bedrock and BOFA for all customers and will support you with any learning questions you have through the learn@smart11plus.co.uk

Einstein 11+ Mocks – Real Mock Exam

I am delighted to let you know that the next Einstein11plus Mock Exam will be a proper venue-based exam. I know a lot of parents have understandably been very keen to book a venue based exam; so that children can get the most realistic experience that they need to prepare them for the real thing. I am very pleased that this can now be done safely for them.

These exams are suitable for children who have just finished either Year 4 or Year 5.

They will be held at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall on 8th and 29th August at 2.30pm. The venue has been selected primarily due to the large space it offers and the opportunity to follow guidelines on social distancing.

I have managed to negotiate a 23.5% discount with Einstein11plus for all of our pupils. This takes the price from £64.95 to £49.49.


Contact us using learn@smart11plus.co.uk for more information.


What if you don’t want a venue-based exam?

If you would prefer not to have a venue based mock test, they can still complete the test online and receive a ranking amongst the rest of the cohort. We have a 20% reduction on the price of the online mocks which takes the price from £34.95 to £27.96.

Video Links

As you are aware, we have been creating videos based on different areas of the curriculum to support in any key areas of difficulty. Please see this list for a full breakdown of the links

Perimeter, Area and Volume: https://youtu.be/WaEfh7caKaU

Percentages: https://youtu.be/0xbECyqiCPM

Ratio: https://youtu.be/2DEwGo0ZTf0

Mixed Numbers & Improper Fractions: https://youtu.be/EAAndYl8NkI

Mean, Mode, Median & Range: https://youtu.be/PGX9LaBMtQw

Translations: https://youtu.be/vY1iTTBtTvs

Time: https://youtu.be/MMmLEJIBUtU

Speed Distance Time: https://youtu.be/d-xAIG3ddZ4

Scale Ratio Length: https://youtu.be/ohPwzVI3J_8

Long Division: https://youtu.be/rsAHuNfdrbg

Adding Decimals: https://youtu.be/T01vn0IMHBA

Subtracting Decimals: https://youtu.be/8GJ7JmIivBk

Multiplying Decimals: https://youtu.be/bxLJoZavav0

Dividing Decimals: https://youtu.be/2lP2rvbqWnY

Putting Decimals in Order: https://youtu.be/wa_WtxPD_zI

BODMAS: https://youtu.be/aRw32ac7Fn0

Venn Diagrams: https://youtu.be/6lje9PHZJp0

Angles: https://youtu.be/qXvoDBoDQ5M

Conversions: https://youtu.be/cShrNnSrg-I

The nth Term: https://youtu.be/R_iIBoSkdbM

If there are any more video ideas you can think of we will put them on the request list. If there is a video you have requested and it has not yet been done please feel free to send us a reminder in case any have slipped through the net.

Thank you for reading this far and for all your fantastic support.

If there is anything we can help you with please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

With kindest regards,


Principal Tutor