Tuition Update – 20th June 2020

Good morning,

I hope you are all well and are managing to enjoy the return of some normality.  I wanted to send a short email to share a few pieces of information with you:

Centre Reopening Update

Thank you all for your patience and support in this time.  I know many children are itching to get back into education and the landscape is a very challenging one for them to navigate at the moment.

We want to help as much as we can during this time and return to tuition as soon as possible. As a business it is a very difficult time.  Please rest assured we want to open and are pursuing every avenue to do so.

I know that if we reopened, we would be able to keep everyone safe and easily ensure social distancing.  Unfortunately, we are in the hands of the 6th Form College, Harborne Academy and John Wilmott School – our 3 locations – 2 of whom who have a contract with an ‘out-of-hours activity provision service’ called SLS who manage the site in the evenings and weekends.  Therefore, there are effectively 3 parties involved in the decision-making process: us, the management team of the site and SLS.

At the moment, all SLS staff are furloughed until 29th June (this has been extended from 15th June already) and therefore until then we will not know when they intend to return and allow the site to be open in the evenings/weekends.  We have spoken to management at some of the sites and they have initially highlighted safety and cleanliness of the site as the first priority. They have also added they are all part of a chain of schools so it will be the people at the top who make these decisions and possibly not even the principal/headmaster at the college/school.

With the increasing doubt, we have started to look for other venues but we have not been able to find a single one that are taking out of hours bookings – again due to the concerns that were raised in regard to cleanliness and safety. We are continually trying to find ways to reopen and please rest assured we will enduringly push for answers in the forthcoming weeks.

I am sorry that I cannot give a date or time, and that this may leave preparation up in the air.  However, we are looking into putting on some 11+ Online Masterclasses for pupils that wish to take part (please see below).

Online Masterclass Sessions – Register Your Interest Today

We are considering putting on some online sessions to help prepare ahead of the scheduled 11+ exam this September.  These will be offered to our Year 5 students first. They will cover all three areas of the 11+: Verbal Reasoning (English), Non-verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning (Maths).  We will be doing these through Microsoft Teams and they are likely to be Saturday mornings and/or Tuesday evenings.  They will cost approximately £12.50 per hour and are likely to be around 2 hours in length.  It will be a 4 weekly programme starting at the beginning of July. If you would like to register your interest in these sessions please respond to this email.  Booking will officially open once we have finalised plans and have an idea of interest level.  We are aiming for booking to be formally open on Wednesday 24th June and the sessions are likely to begin from Saturday 4th July.

Exam Registration

Just a polite reminder that the 11+ exam registration closes on Friday 26th June at 4pm.  If your child is in Year 5 with a date of birth will be between 1 September 2009 and 31 August 2010 you can apply.  Please make sure you register your child for the entrance test here.

June – Reasoning Month

We are running a reasoning month during June to try and develop pupils reasoning.  We have had some great videos such as one of our pupils Ben, who could solve a Rubix cube in 45 seconds!  Another thing we are doing is putting out a daily NVR challenge on Facebook.  Please have a look and have a go at answering a few!  There are some corkers in there including yesterdays that I spent a good 5 minutes looking at before I worked out what was going on.  We’ve all been there! The answers are explained in a follow up post.

Thanks again for reading this far.  I hope you are all safe and well.  Take care and look forward to seeing everyone soon.