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What is the Week 32 Review? Getting an update of your child’s progress.

Over the course of the next week, we will be releasing your child’s Smart 11+ Tuition Review. This is an important moment for us as centre managers, for our tutors, for your child, and for you as parents to reflect on this term’s progress.

So, you are all probably at home wondering what all this means. What is the difference between the Smart 11+ Review and the End of Term Review? Will this tell me if my child will pass the 11+ entrance exam? Does it reveal any mock results?

These are all the questions you have been asking us at our tuition centres – and they are excellent valid questions. So we want to help and outline what the Smart 11+ Tuition Review actually is and what it does.

Firstly, do not panic. We are not releasing grades or claiming to provide any miraculous details about how your child will do in the 11+ exam. This report is ultimately a review of their progress. Some of you have been with us now for some weeks, and we feel that this has given us enough time to get to know your child and be able to provide some valid valuable feedback on their process.


What is the Smart 11+ Tuition Review?


A few weeks ago (Saturday 14th May through to Wednesday 18th May) we reached week thirty-two.

As per every year here at Smart 11+ Tuition, your child will take part in an end of term review. This session is a recap of all the topics already covered in the last term. Please note it is not a mock exam, as previous year’s feedback (and in light of the impact of Covid on children’s education) has taught us that conducting a mock at this stage in the 11+ journey can actually take away time from their learning and put undue pressure on them. Instead, during this session your child will answer questions on a range of topics that helps us to understand their progress and how they well they are securing knowledge and recalling information.

Our tutors will be looking at how your child performed, marking the OMR sheets and providing feedback to parents through the Smart 11+ Tuition Review.

This report will be directly from your child’s tutors. The report will summarise their key areas of strength, areas for improvement and how they are getting on during tuition sessions.


When will we receive the Smart 11+ Tuition Review?

You will receive this report on Friday 10th June 22. Your child’s answer paper will be available to view in their book once returned in their subsequent tuition session.


How will we receive the Smart 11+ Tuition Review?

The Smart 11+ Tuition Review will be sent to you via email. You will have an email explaining what the report means and an attachment with the full report.

Please make sure to check your junk folder as sometimes the email can go here.

Please also use zoom to view and zoom in on the review.


What happens if I don’t agree with the comments or want to know more?

We have created this report to help you and your child. If you need any help or support that is what we are here for.

If you have any questions at all about the review or would like more support on how you are doing, please do not hesitate to reach out to your centre manager.

Thank you.