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Take off to grammar school with
Smart 11+ Tuition

Launch your child’s education and unlock their love of learning.

What we do:

We offer outstanding small group tutoring in Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-verbal Reasoning, for children aged between seven and twelve. Our specially crafted curriculum is designed to allow your child to face the challenges of 11+ exam-style questions head on. We cover everything your child needs to know to be able to sit the GL exam, as well as offering support for independent school exams and SATs. It is imperative to us that your child is supported in their learning and is given the right tools to succeed.

Our specialised private centres, in Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Harborne and Kings Heath, offer face-to-face tuition once or twice a week. We also offer Flexible or Full memberships to help support your needs as a family, and provide regular, encouraging tuition.

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Why we have been trusted by over 1000 parents..

The 11+ Success™ Curriculum

We use an in-house created bespoke 11+ curriculum, tailored to the GL and CEM examinations and reflecting the most recent changes.


We believe that a low ratio of pupils to teachers gets the best outcomes. Our class sizes are kept to a maximum of 6 and we have 2 teachers working with each group.

Subject Specialist Teachers

Two dedicated tutors per child with subject specialisms in maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

Unlimited Online Homework

Free and award-winning homework to support in-centre learning.

Affordable and flexible fees

We offer tax-free childcare and childcare voucher schemes as well as the normal payment methods. Our fees start at £98 per month and we offer a two-week guarantee with no tie-in for all new members.


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Our daughter enjoyed her experience with tutoring and always felt happy to attend. The tutors were approachable and knowledgeable. As parents we found it to be professional, friendly and a happy space for the children. Any questions were always well received and the the team dealt with queries swiftly and competently. It was a nurturing environment where she felt comfortable and gained confidence. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the services on offer and I am grateful for such a positive approach to supporting her. All employees we interacted with had an authentic passion for learning and were a positive influence on the children and the parents / guardians.
year ago
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A big Thank-you for all the staff at the Smart 11+ Solihull ,for their compassionate approach which helped my son to attend the 11+ exams with confidence . It was really challenging time for both kids and adults due to the Covid situation . But all the tutors have taken huge efforts to support the kids with online teaching and face to face classes.My son enjoyed the sessions and the tutors were very inspiring and supportive . With all the final preparations from them, my son has got into one of the King Edwards school. I strongly recommend them . Emily I can’t forget to say that you were the one who guided me to achieve this . A huge Thankyou
year ago
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My son attended Smart 11+ Tuition in Solihull during the revision period in preparation for the grammar test. The 2 places where they held the sessions were conducive to students learning. The tutors (staff) were very patient and supportive, especially because my son has special needs and they have been brilliant with him ( and to the other students of course!) facilitating his learning. They taught him how to build his confidence with their way of teaching as well as motivated their students by keeping lessons fun, both ways on line and face to face teaching. I can say that they contributed much in building my son’s knowledge and his confidence through subjects that he’s struggling with and strengthened his potentials in areas that he’s good at. My son has been offered a place to one of the King Edwards grammar school in Birmingham. A huge thank you for the Smart 11+ Team. I highly recommend them.
year ago
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Completely outstanding, they gave my so a full idea of the enviorment of a test.
year ago
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Excellent team, my daughters both loved attending weekly, and over the summer for an intensive week to practice timings and practice tests before the 11+ exam, really built their confidence and helped with focused study time every week. Highly recommend, all tutors were amazing, everything was so well run. Also during lockdown the virtual sessions were great. Postcards sent during the year with words of encouragement, and such positive attitude before the test day, gave my daughters more confidence in themselves and their learning.

Meet the Team

We employ teachers with qualifications and first-hand experience of working in schools with pupils. Our belief is that by having subject specialists with fantastic knowledge in their area, that pupils will be given the support they need to improve and achieve their potential.






Centre Director -
Kings Norton and Harborne


Centre Director -
Sutton Coldfield and Solihull

Our Course

With our bespoke Smart 11+ SuccessTM Course, we guide our pupils through their academic journey. Each session lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes, and covers the 4 areas of the 11+ exam: English, Verbal Reasoning, Maths and Non-verbal Reasoning.

Our tutors teach and help our pupils explore the 11+ world. We tutor in small groups, with a maximum of six children, to enable a positive and lively atmosphere, where individuals can share ideas, challenge each other, and get the support they need from their expert tutors.

Our Locations

Financial Assistance and Fees

At Smart 11+ we want to make tuition accessible for all.
Our fees start at just £24.50 per session (or £19.60 when paying by Tax Free Childcare)

How to SAVE today

1. Sign up today and save over 20% on your child’s fees. Reduce your fees by over 20% with our multi-session discounts!

2. Save another 20% by paying with Tax Free Childcare! 

3. Get an 11+ assessment FREE of charge! Book a free assessment today and receive specialised advise about your child.

Financial Assistance

We accept the following:

Our Mission

Wherever they go, whatever they do in their future, they will be successful.

Smart 11+ Tuition puts thoughtfulness and care at the heart of our business. We help your child grow and develop through regular specialised sessions, giving them the confidence to strive for an academic challenge.

Speak to an 11+ Expert

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Our founder, Sam is a qualified teacher, with over 15 years’ experience in education. He is dedicated to empowering opportunities for children to learn and develop in a friendly and resourceful environment. Sam is focussed on Smart 11+ Tuition and has been working on providing further access to our outstanding resources and development prospects for children across the West Midlands.

Recently, Sam and the curriculum team at Smart 11+ have remodelled the 11+ curriculum at the company and have created The Smart 11+ Success Course™. This labour of love has paid off with more children going to their preferred school as a result.

Sam has 3 children of his own and loves spending time with them. He is a parent governor at his children’s primary school and is thrilled by the challenge of overseeing the educational performance at the school. Sam is also an enthusiastic trustee of a local charity who distribute funds to a wide range of social causes.




Emily is in experienced in educational development, having worked for high-end retail chains and then youth education charities. Emily graduated from University of Birmingham with a BSc in Geography. 

Her biggest role to date has been becoming a mum to two beautiful children and has really focused Emily’s personal aim to expand on the academic opportunities for young people, whilst providing exceptional support and guidance to parents and carers.

Having worked at Smart 11+ Tuition since its infancy, Emily has been integral to the development, planning, and implementation of the company’s ethos and growth. With care and integrity at the heart of everything Emily does, she has directed the company to change children’s lives through bespoke educational support, resources, and opportunities. 

Across all the branches at Smart 11+ Tuition, Emily aims to get best possible outcome for each and every one of our pupils.



Area Manager – Kings Heath and Harborne

Katie is currently completing her Doctorate in Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama at Kings College London, following from her Masters and Undergraduate from two red brick Universities. Katie is passionate about writing and encouraging others to develop their love of all things English! 

Katie loves working in the educational sector. Having qualified as a teaching assistant in 2021, Katie has built up her experience training both adults and children and is eager to support young children in their aspirational career paths.



Area Manager – Solihull and Sutton Coldfield
Head of Curriculum Development

Amy is a qualified teacher with 15 years experience.  She did her PGSE following her BA Hons in Education and more than anything Amy is ardent about curriculum and developing unique resources to support children on their educational journey. 

In one of her previous roles, she created and delivered a bespoke curriculum to help children with additional needs reach the national standards in SATs tests. 

Here at Smart 11+ Tuition, with a team of 11+ experts, Amy has implemented the creation, design, and release of the Smart 11+ Success ™ Course.